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Last updated · 26 March 2024

Client experience

Before we start, we have to say a couple of things. First, our Client Experience process is still under development. For the time being, this page will wrap up all the processes and measures we have in place to ensure our clients have the best possible time with us.

Second, please bear with the babysitting analogy! We may have gotten a bit too far, but at least we tried really hard to make it work. Let us know if you think it was too much.

Here we go.

You've signed the contract, and the kick-off meeting is approaching. It's exciting, but it's also a bit nerve-wracking. It's like leaving your kid with a babysitter for the first time (here goes the analogy). You're excited about freedom but anxious about what's happening at home. Well, we know that your product is just like your child. You've invested big, and you have great expectations.

Rest assured that we are here to ensure our collaboration goes as smoothly as possible. We've been doing this for a few years now. We can smell the early signs of successful projects and hear the alarm bells of problematic projects ringing a mile away.

Your experience working with Significa should be consistent with all that you read in this Handbook (terrible puns and analogies included). If it's not, please do not hesitate to notify us.

Once you've selected us to babysit for your child (bear with us. The analogy is being pushed), and we've decided that we'd like to accept (Client selection criteria), we'll have to settle on how long you're going out for and how much it's going to cost Billing and invoicing.

The thing is, it's pretty difficult to say exactly at what time you will return. We get that accuracy isn't normal when you're out and about with your mates. That's Why estimates are a good guide for us to go on.

With that all agreed, before you know it, it'll be time for you to get yourself ready to go out for your big night with Steps to get a project started. We’re not sure we can push this analogy any further, but we are try-harders to make this work now.

It's time. You say goodbye to your kid, and you're off. It all begins with the Project kick-off. Eager and excited, you meet with the team and start to really get to grips with How we collaborate to best understand what to expect.

The night goes even better than you expected. Your babysitter checks in occasionally to reassure you that all is good at home and asks if you're happy (We’ll check in on you ). In the meantime, you’re having fun, and there are laughs and great food. Time flies by.

With the night wrapped up, it's time to settle the bill, all broken down nice and tidily in Billing and invoicing, and if you really want that special discount before you pay, you should check out the only exceptions to the pricing model in NGOs and partners pricing.

You get home safely and are delighted to see your kid again. You had a five-star time and can barely wait to tell some friends about your trusty babysitter. Client referral program.

And that's the end of that analogy. Phew.

We'll check in on you.

If you're here, you've probably already read about how we strive to deliver quality and to keep on improving.

There are things we can develop and improve upon by ourselves, but your voice is unique and invaluable. Every project is different, and our no one-size-fits-all approach applies to making a successful product.

We will contact you throughout the project to seek feedback regarding your experience working with us. These may be through informal calls, interviews or surveys as we continuously strive to improve our services. We'd really appreciate your input.

We're currently working on the best ways to measure our client's experience in a more data-driven way. For now, we are working on having regular surveys sent out to our clients to gather their feedback throughout the project.