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Last updated · 26 March 2024


We rule ourselves by one key principle: Maximum freedom, maximum responsibility, which we'd like everyone to keep in the back of their brains at all times. Or tattoo it somewhere, maybe.

If you are starting your career at Significa or wish to apply for a position here, we invite you to read our Playbook and our Mission and values. These will teach you a great deal about what drives us and which expectations will be laid upon you.

If you're applying to Significa and came to this page, it certainly means you are being thorough in your selection, and you're looking to learn more about us. If that's the case, please make sure you take the opportunity to lay your eyes on Hiring criteria as well.

One other thing to keep in mind is the pride we take in being a small team. We don't want to grow over 40 people, and thus, naturally, climbing up the ranks or fighting for a fancy title should never be your driving factor. Teamwork and your personal development must be.

Your career.

As you know by now (if you've read the pages recommended above), we're always pushing to get better at anything we do throughout the entire spectrum of actions we take. From projects to content and from workshops to this handbook, we are constantly pushing ourselves to be better. We always strive to improve, knowing there's always a better way. We believe that we should all take this attitude towards our personal development, too.

We acknowledge that your path at Significa is part of the bigger picture that is your career. But it is up to you to make the most of it and to take ownership of your development. We will be your driving instructor, but guess who's in the driver's seat? We'll spoil it: you.

This being said we are invested in helping you succeed. We will support you in your Personal development. We will try to keep you engaged, motivated, eager to learn, and keen to achieve new levels of excellence. We will do all we can.

In return, we expect you to care and to lay all your pride in working towards yours and Significa's goals.

Now, how does this support happen? We'll help you build Development Plans, we will hold bi-annual Performance Reviews, and we will always provide you with structured recognition and feedback. In addition, we offer an unlimited learning stipend for you to invest as much as you wish in your skills.

You can learn more at Personal development.

Team spirit, career path, and pay grades.

Before diving deep into your career path and progression, you should be clear on how to make the most out of it at Significa.

Besides technical contributions, we also praise those who can lead the pack team-wise. Having people who carry the team spirit forward on a daily basis and contribute to the integration of others into our Culture, deeply impacts the working environment we are all so proud of.

This does not mean you need to be an extrovert to succeed here. Far from that. Many of those who have thrived here are introverts. Those who succeed at Significa put their hand up to support others, whether working in a mentorship capacity to support junior team members or reaching out to help a team member tackle a nasty bug. Those who got stuck are those who typically excelled here.

Those who share their learning, their difficulties and their successes. Those who embrace that we all fail and succeed together. That's how we learn, grow and succeed as both individuals and as a collective.

To sum it up, contributing to Significa processes, improving workflow, amplifying your colleagues, contributing to recruitment or creating tools and publishing open-source projects is highly appreciated.

With that said, it is now a good moment for you to check out our Career path.

Try something new.

We encourage you to experiment with uncharted territories!

If you're a designer, learning some basic CSS might be something you want to explore. In fact, understanding the challenges a developer faces when implementing the things you design, will make you a better designer.

Maybe you're a developer and feel a burning desire to become a Designer. Or maybe you're a Back-end developer keen to try the Front-end side, or vice versa.

Even though we can't promise to switch you over from one day to the next, as we will have to prioritise commitments to current and upcoming projects, you can rest assured that whenever possible, we will make sure that you can get the opportunity to explore other fields, whether that's to be on a temporary or permanent basis.

Changing your direction can all be explored more within Personal development. Or maybe you are trying something new outside of these walls, either for growth or for cash. That's cool, too!

You can read up on how we approach other employment commitments you may have in Side-gigs.