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Last updated · 14 February 2024

Client referral program

Most of our projects come from word-of-mouth referrals from current or past clients. Actually, there have been referrals from future clients, too! We hadn't even started the collaboration with some, and they referred us to other people anyway. We ended up working with both.

That's great in itself! It shows that most of the clients who partner up with us are happy enough to recommend our services to other people. And they do this while asking nothing in return!

But, such as with any relationship, ours with clients works both ways. For a party to enjoy working with the other party, both parties have to get along well! Thank you, great clients! Safe to say, if you're one of these clients, you clearly fit our Client selection criteria.

As a token of appreciation, so you don't go empty-handed after referring us to your friends, we're giving you a discount of up to 20% on your next invoice for each successful referral.

At the same time, we're also presenting our new client, the one you just referred, with a 10% discount on their first invoice (which typically is the upfront payment).

How do you guarantee the referral?

Ensure you let us know who you referred. This is key! At the same time, the person you referred us to should also mention they were referred by you.

If someone contacts us and tells us you referred them without you telling us first, we may have to verify the validity of that statement with you.

Very important notes.

These discounts cannot be redeemed as cash. Well, they could be redeemed as a very fancy dinner, though.

A referral is deemed successful once the contract is signed and the upfront payment has been cleared.

Can I pass my discount on to a friend, my mum, or my great-uncle?

These discounts are non-transferable. In other words, if you ask: “I have this discount, can I give it to a friend?”, we'll reply: “Nope, you cannot. But, if you own another company or project, you can use the discount there.”

How much is my discount worth?

The discount you get is limited to 5% of the project's total budget resulting from your referral. In a practical world, if the new project's budget is 100.000€, your discount is limited to 5.000€. In this scenario, if your next invoice is 30.000€, your discount will be worth 5.000€ instead of the mathematically accurate 6.000€.

Every discount, both for you and your referral, is limited to a maximum of 9.000€.

Where is the catch? This sounds too good to be true…

Discounts only take place if the projects resulting from your referral have a minimum total budget of at least 60.000€.

Also, we reserve ourselves the right to change this policy should we deem a deal unfair or unethical.