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Last updated · 14 March 2024

Billing and invoicing

First of all, no one, at least that we know of, puts their prices visible on their website. We do. This is part of our commitment to transparency, both with our team and with our clients, as described in our Mission and values.

On to the nitty-gritty. We charge all clients impartially and fairly. We don't take advantage of their company size, name, revenue, or any other factor to decide our billing or our proposals. In reality, our rates are carefully calculated based on our expenses and on our desired margin for profit, based on point 5 of our Playbook: “We shall remain financially sustainable” with at least six months of runway.”

The only exceptions are for NGOs, companies that come through our Client referral program and fellow certified business members of 1% for the Planet or Planetmark. You can learn more about these exceptions at NGOs and partners pricing.

For everyone else, our proposals are impartial, follow the same billing mode, and are based on the same factors: scope, deadlines, and team size.

Our pricing model.

We bill all our projects based on a team of people. We call these teams Packages. It is quite straightforward, actually. We assess the scope and the desired deadlines, and from there, we infer the required team size. Each package has an X number of people and is associated with a monthly cost (which we'll cover below). We then multiply the Package value by the project's estimated duration to get the final estimated cost.

Yes, a double highlight on estimated. Italic and bold, just to be extra clear there.

In some cases, if not most, the scope isn't necessarily clear. The client is relying on us to work on product definition with them as part of the strategy service we provide. In other cases, as expected from product development projects, scope changes mid-project as data is gathered from user testing, analytics, or user feedback. That's ok, too! Our Packages are flexible, and we can adjust them based on each phase of the collaboration, loading or unloading people (increasing or reducing cost) or swapping them as needed.

Each package is composed of technical resources (designers, developers, illustrators, motion designers, etc.) that are always fully allocated to your project. Additionally, it includes a project/product manager and a delivery manager, both partially allocated based on your project size.

On this page, we won't be covering why you need a project/product manager and a delivery manager when working with us, nor why we always allocate the technical resources full-time, but if you wish to know more, there's a fully dedicated section on this matter at

Now, on to what you're looking for: the Packages.

Package 1

14 500€ /month

1 Technical resource.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

Package 2

27 500€ /month

2 Technical resources.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

Package 3

40 950€ /month

3 Technical resources.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

Package 4

52 725€ /month

4 Technical resources.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

Package 5

63 500€ /month

5 Technical resources.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

Package 6

78 300€ /month

6 Technical resources.

1 Project Manager.

1 Delivery Manager.

If you wish to get an instant rough, very high-level estimate for a project of yours, you can visit the following page. You'll choose from a pre-determined list of project types, we'll do our magic on the Back-end, so you'll get an instant ballpark figure. Is it going to be accurate? No. Is it an approximate budget range? Likely so.

Get an estimate page.

Below are some questions we are often asked.

Why are you more expensive than the other agencies I talked with?

Many reasons may have led to that fact.

One is the scope. Have all those who provided you with a quote based their proposal on the same evaluation of the scope? Did we all realise the dimension of what is at stake?

Second, we may have misunderstood the scope. This happens sometimes. We may have deemed the project more complex than it actually is. Let’s review it together.

But third, it is a matter of the risk you are willing to take and the quality you want to get. You can never compare apples and oranges. When working with us, as you can read at How we collaborate, you pretty much nullify any risk, you'll get a 100% tailor-made project, a fully dedicated team, and the quality you expect to get. Facts.

All these things are correlated. When you work with us, you know we have the quality and the capacity to deliver to your expectations at a very low-risk rate because we have a very talented, well-paid team. With smaller, cheaper agencies, they have to compromise somewhere — otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to charge that low. Wanna guess where they compromise?

We've been asked, literally: “How can you charge that much when I can do it with a template?”. Just remember, if a template works for you, we are definitely not your fit. Those who understand the value of tailor-made projects, are. Just because you don’t need a custom solution doesn’t mean others won't.

I need Strategy, Design, and Development, but I only have the budget for Package 1. What then?

The technical resources are flexible and can be swapped based on the project's needs. For example, at the beginning, we may start with the designer, but later, once the design portion is delivered, we will replace it with a developer. If, even later, a designer is again needed, we will swap it again. Spoiler alert: this is part of the reason why a project manager is so important — to keep the team and their allocation organised and planned.

What if there are only a few improvements (or changes) needed on a project I've built with Significa, which has already been delivered, and one month is way too much time for the scope at hand?

In this case, exceptionally, we bill based on a daily rate of 720€.

Do you accept projects smaller than one month?

Unfortunately, we do not. The overhead and the effort we put into preparing, planning, and allocating a team to a project isn't worth it for such short timeframes.

If we opt for a long-term commitment, do you lower the prices?

As you can see from the Packages, they kind of already considered this variable. Package 6, which is generally used for larger, longer commitments, is not six times the cost of Package 1, precisely to favour longer-term relationships. However, if your budget is limited to Package 1, for example, but you wish to engage in a long-term engagement, we will consider it when making our proposal.


This one's gonna be simple.

We invoice the first month upfront as a token of good faith from our soon-to-be client. All other invoices are issued at the end of the month based on the Package in use.

All invoices have a 15-day due date.

Oh, and before we go, please pay on time. We hate chasing people to pay.

Everything is estimated.

We don't work with fixed budgets. Mostly because the scope is rarely fixed as well.

Even though our commitment with you is to attempt to deliver every project on time and on budget, you know as well as we do that product development and software projects are prone to changes in scope, unexpected occurrences related to strategy, technology, and a lot of iterations that can extend timelines and, as a consequence, budget.

In any case, it is also our commitment to always keep you up to date with the progress of the project and any alterations to more pressing issues such as deadlines and budget.

You can read more about why we estimate instead of accepting fixed-budget projects at Why estimates.

As a wrap-up note, we'll never leave you blindsided, as you can read at How we collaborate.