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Last updated · 15 February 2024

Support hub

Our Support Hub is where you can find information and support for mental and physical health. No two people have the same health requirements and we’re committed to considering all of them. This Support Hub is not comprehensive, it’s a starting point. There is no doubt more for us to learn and add to it, so please do talk to us if you feel we are not covering a situation that may affect you or your peers.

Health and safety at Significa.

You should know all the essentials to make sure you are safe whilst at the office. Spend a few minutes making sure you're clued up on Health and safety .

Mental health.

25% of us will go through a period of poor mental health each year. And we still largely don't talk about it.

These pages are here to explain which support you can expect at Significa. Specifically Mental health support and Taking care of yourself will help you on how to best navigate your mental health.

Physical wellbeing.

We're committed to being open and supportive of your different health conditions, especially those that often don't receive much attention in the workplace.

The pages Taking care of yourself, Chronic Illness, Menopause and andropause, and Working on your period will be particularly helpful if you're feeling unwell.


Disability can be visible or invisible. Sometimes, it can impact how you work, or sometimes it doesn't at all. We're currently exploring how to better support disabilities but for now, Neurodiversity is here for you.


Everyone's journey to starting a family is different. We know it can be exciting, stressful, and at times, traumatic. It's likely we haven't captured every situation, but know that we're here to support you, whatever your journey.

We strive to support you in situations like Fertility treatment and Pregnancy loss.

Help via Pulso.

Alongside seeking support from trusted colleagues, Significa also helps you get professional support via Pulso, a service which offers a varied range of experts who can help you with your Mental health support, financial and fiscal aid, and legal help, among other no-less relevant issues.

Take a look at Help via Pulso.