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Last updated · 1 March 2024


If you're a designer or a developer, we might invite you to complete Challenges at some point.

Challenges will apply if we are unsure about your technical skills or if you didn't provide enough evidence about this matter.

These are meant to be small snippets of work that shouldn't take longer than four hours to complete. Why? Because as firmly stated in our Mission and values, you should never work for free. Even though we want to understand your thought processes and see the quality of your work under time constraints, in a realistic reflection of how we work here at Significa, spending too long on our challenges is rarely worth it.

Obviously, we won't be tracking your actual time because Maximum freedom, maximum responsibility. We’ll let you judge for yourself if it's taking you too long to complete. If you don't complete it within that time, though, it's fine. Send over what you have.

Challenges are completely optional, and you can decide whether or not you wish to accept them. Naturally, if we don't possess enough information to make a solid decision about your technical skills and you'd still rather not accept the challenge, it will be hard for us to continue with your application.

In the alternative, if you have any code or design work that you can't share over the Internet for confidentiality reasons, we totally understand if you'd prefer to do so during the interview phases since these are primarily held in person.

In any case, we know that asking you to make challenges or even to share your screen and showcase your work can be a bit intrusive. However, we must have a way to assess your technical capacities before making a decision. We hope you understand.

Take a look at the Design challenges and the Engineering challenges we may ask you to complete.

If you're looking to apply to a position at Significa and you believe you have insufficient work to share, please feel free to spontaneously have a go at our challenges. Share them with us when submitting your application. We will always provide you with structured feedback in an attempt to help you improve.

You can use our challenges as part of your portfolio, even for applications to other companies.