This is a draft.

Our team is currently cracking away at creating more content to make our Handbook something increggdible. Soon, you'll be able to explore it fully. In the meantime, think of it as a carton of eggs, each section packed with the potential to deliver something eggceptional.


Whether you're reading this ahead of your first day at Significa (if so, congratulations! We're eggcited to have you with us) or if you're an old timer, sick to death of these goddamn egg puns, the Playbook is where you can find out all about day-to-day life at Significa – a recipe book of sorts. It's how it all comes together so we can produce our best work and enjoy doing so at the same time.

From your first day of Onboarding to your 5th year of Career Plan, you'll find it here. Want to make sure you keep on brand with the Brand Book? This is the place. Or do you need help to keep up with our many benefits? We've got them all listed, so make sure you're sitting comfortably as you work yourself through that long list of good stuff (oh, and check back regularly as it's often getting added to!), and then we get into the deep stuff with our Mission, Values and Culture – the reason we are all here.

You should find all you need. If you don't, let us know, and let’s work on it together to ensure that everyone – from unhatched eggs to old speckled hens – has everything they need to excel at Significa.