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Last updated · 14 March 2024


Most of this should go without saying or without requiring a page in this Handbook. However, we want to make sure we please Greta Thunberg. Have you seen her mad face? Scary stuff!

And also, she should be back in school by now, had we all done the right thing. Let's give her a ticket there, then. A train one because planes are filthy.

We agree with Greta, though: the planet is at risk, and it's everyone's responsibility to (at least) attempt to make mends.

Greta’s honourable mission aside, we take this topic and the responsibility towards it very seriously. It is an integral part of how we carry ourselves.

At Significa, we are committed to minimising our footprint through a set of initiatives we've been putting in place over the years. The element of responsibility in Maximum freedom, maximum responsibility goes beyond our work, our office, and our team. It must also relate to the wider world and to our efforts to ensure we are both responsible and accountable for our actions towards our planet, both by doing and giving.


Small stuff matters, such as how we bin things. We've equipped every sitting area with recycling bins to facilitate it. Now, there are no excuses, not even laziness, really.

See more at Recycling.

Limited company travel.

We limit the usage of heavy-pollutant transportation modes in favour of the more environmentally friendly ones.

See more at Limiting company travel.

Planet Mark.

In 2023, having already implemented a number of small, energy-efficient changes to our office and operations, we decided that we must do more to minimise our impact on the planet. We became a Planet Mark member to accurately measure our footprint and target further impact.

Jump in to Planet Mark to learn more and see our latest reports.

1% for the Planet.

Significa is a certified member of 1% for the Planet. We donate 1% of our gross annual revenue to environmental NGOs that carry out important work to protect our planet. 1% for the Planet is a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organisations working together to support people and our planet.

This means that folks working with and for Significa support this critical work. See where our donations go at 1% for the Planet.

Working from home responsibly.

You know, we know, everybody knows that we are Office-first, but we’re also flexible. You may well work from home on occasion if you see fit. With this said, and taking our responsible, sustainable practices at the office with you, please check Working from home responsibly

Our commitment.

With all these actions, we are hoping to get Greta's green thumb.

To sum all this up, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact through sustainable business practices that include but are not limited to reducing energy consumption, diminishing waste, and promoting environmentally friendly transportation options to our team members.