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Last updated · 14 March 2024

Steps to get a project started

This page is only relevant for those clients who have accepted our proposal and are now looking to get the legal shenanigans sorted out.

We wish to get any project started as smoothly as possible. This document summarises the legal stuff we need to get cleared ahead of the project starting date, from legal documentation to the kick-off meeting (well, not exactly the kick-off meeting because at that point, you'll be sent to another page, but let's pretend, shall we?).

Legal documentation is due before a project begins. We like these things as much as the next person, but we must make sure both parties are correctly safeguarded during the project lifespan.

Services agreement and NDAs

Really straightforwardly, we have our services agreement and NDA templates that we are happy to use. If you have your own and you'd rather use it instead, we're fine with that, too. Give us a couple of days to review it with our legal team, and more often than not, it will be fine with minor comments.

If you're cool about using ours, please feel free to download it below, have a good read through the fine print (we're joking; there isn't any), and return the documents signed (via email, please). Should you have any questions or amendments, please feel free to point them out (also via email or comments on the document itself).

Download the Services Agreement template.


Download our N.D.A.


Upfront payment invoice.

The upfront payment invoice will be sent once both parties sign the services agreement. This invoice must be resolved ahead of the project’s starting date.

The invoice contains our Portuguese banking details – IBAN and SWIFT code – for international bank transfers.

However, we have a TransferWise account and a USA bank account, which can be used if you prefer or find more convenient. Should you indeed prefer the latter, please let us know.

To get both the services agreement filled in and the upfront payment invoiced, we need some legal information related to your company. Here they are:

  • Company legal name;
  • Company VAT number. Or EIN for the American companies. Or TIN for the European Union clients. There are way too many acronyms for this, but the bottom line is that we need something that identifies your company.
  • Name, position, and email address of who will be signing the contract.
  • Name and email address of the person to whom the invoices must be sent.
  • Company address.

This is it. Once all is signed and paid for, we're ready to get that kick-off date on the books. We're looking forward to starting our collaboration with you.