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Last updated · 14 February 2024


Work to live, don’t live to work. We've all heard it before, but we mean it. We aim for our compensation packages to be competitive and rewarding. We still have work to do on that, with constant reviews and updates. But the bottom line is that we want everybody to be able to live a good life. Let's dig into it, shall we?

Money, money, money.

Cash, money, moolah. It matters. For a breakdown of all you need to know about your salary payments, pay grades, transparency and your Curb card, check out Policy on pay.

Give me back my money, money, money.

Uh oh, you’ve spent the cash you had aside for your Grandma’s birthday gift on something for Significa? We’ll get it back to you pronto. We hate pissed Grandma’s.

Head over to Where’s my money, bitch? Work expenses reimbursements.

More than money, money, money.

We wanted to assemble a package of benefits contributing to your well-being beyond your well-deserved salary. And, because we wanted, we did it. Ain’t no stopping us.

We’ve got an ever-growing list of Perks and benefits you should already be checking out.