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Last updated · 26 March 2024

Equal opportunities statement

This page shouldn’t even exist. Everything written in this segment should be a given regarding civic responsibility, education, moral values and human decency.

All this should go without saying, at any company, really! In our case, Significa's Mission and values, Code of ethics, and Hiring criteria, not to mention our Culture and our Manifesto, speak for itself.

This goes without saying, but we must do so.

We don't hire, privilege, promote, favour, give pay raises, or allocate people to projects based on anything else other than merit. And by merit, we mean working and social competence. That's it. This should end here. Period.

But, for further enlightenment, we don't care about sex, gender, age, disability, family setup, who you love, marital status, race, religion, political preference, nationality, and, above anything else, the football club you support.

Well, we don't have any Benfica supporters around the house, but we swear: that's nothing but a coincidence.

See it, say it, sort it.

Sounds like The Tube announcement, but it isn't.

If during your tenure at Significa, you come across any situation, either within the team or with clients, that goes against the values engraved in our Culture and on this page, please let us know.

The Partners, your Manager, or the People and Operations team will act immediately to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

Here's the nitty-gritty: Codigo do Trabalho - Aprovado pela Lei n.º 7/2009, de 12 de fevereiro, com as alterações introduzidas pelas Leis n.ºs 105/2009, de 14 de setembro, 53/2011, de 14 de outubro, 23/2012, de 25 de junho, 47/2012, de 29 de agosto, 69/2013, de 30 de agosto, e 27/2014, de 8 de maio

Last updated: 24 January 2024