1 Jan 2023

We are a Red Dot-winner agency.

We are thrilled, happy to have the Significa and TFP names stamped among the best design agencies.

Dia, a Red Dot winner cover.

Dia was created for TFP (The Fertility Partnership), one of Europe's most renowned fertility organisations, to empower women with knowledge and data beyond their period.

This connection between Significa, Dia, and TFP allowed us to provide a full-circle experience to the users. Education, health logs, habits tracking, and a fertility forecast, all combined, would enable women to own their body data.

This led us to apply for a Red Dot for the first time. This award is typically snatched by the likes of Apple, Google, Sony, other giants, and the best design agencies, reason why we never thought of applying in the first place. This is the Oscar of Design.

Dia on mobile.

Even though we knew we could win, we never expected it to happen. Turns out, we got the Red Dot award, and we couldn't be more proud. Especially because we designed and developed the whole product. And even more so because the ambitiousness and effort we put into designing and developing it were unprecedented for us.

User research for Dia.

The Work

Doing great work motivates people and drives them to make it even better. This was particularly felt throughout the entire Dia Project – check it out on Dribbble or on our website.

Designers, Developers, Project Managers, the Product Owner, and everyone else involved worked seamlessly to make Dia the best product we could. We ran the extra mile to make Dia a remarkable experience (UX) with a stunningly beautiful Design (UI).

Dia on mobile.

User research, design, user testing, development, and then repeat. A symbiotic cycle that had everyone engaged and keen to do better. Even without the Red Dot award, this was already one of the projects we were proudest of.

Obviously, we must recognise the client-side team. We didn't do all this by ourselves. Chakameh, Director at TFP, one of the cleverest people we've collaborated with, had such an incredible vision for Dia and was such a delight to work with; Ana Stopic, the Product Owner (P.O.), probably the best we have ever worked it. Perfection, really.

Dia screens on mobile.

We were such a great team and delivered a fantastic product. You can see more of the outcome on Dribbble and on our Red Dot profile.

“Significa supported us through the whole journey. From branding and setting the tone to the execution and the launch of a product that set a new standard for women's health apps.”

Chakameh Shafii

Former Director at TFP and head of Dia

Currently on hold, but written in stone

Dia development is currently on hold. Fingers crossed, we can get back to it sooner rather than too late.

It may still be available in the U.K. Apple Store by the time you read this, but certainly not elsewhere.

Red Dot book.

This Red Dot award writes Dia in stone. It got printed out as a reminder that thorough work pays off. It serves as a token of competency and appreciation to all involved, ourselves and TFP.

We were put amongst the best design companies.

Thank you all. Thank you, Red Dot.

Rui Sereno

Managing Partner

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A long time ago Rui decided to put his glory days as a designer behind his back to embrace the Managing Partner role at Significa. Now, no one knows exactly what he does when he’s not playing Nintendo. He believes himself to be the deserving Significa 2020, 2021, and 2022 Cook-off champion and is having a hard time acknowledging the truth.

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