About us.

Who we are.

An exquisite omelette.

We are not pixel pushers or code monkeys. We let our creativity lead the way, but we know where we're headed, and there's a purpose to everything we do. We're just a bunch of talented, creative people aspiring to do incredible things together and have some fun along the way.

Significa was founded by Pedro “El Patrón” Brandão.

Rui and André joined right after.

Mariana was our first hire in 2016, and has been with us ever since.

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9 projects delivered at this point.

In that year we moved to a bigger office.

We met Coletiv and collaborated on many projects together.

34 projects delivered at this point.

In 2017, we flew to Hong Kong. We went there to understand Oopsie and we came back with new friends.

We held our first company retreat. Needless to say, it stuck ever since.

63 projects delivered at this point.

2018 brought us a new, bigger office. The other one was already too small.

In 2020, we stepped into the kitchen and held our first cook-off.

In 2022, we won a Red Dot award for Dia, a project we are very proud of.

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86 projects delivered at this point.

Working feels like fun when you are surrounded by amazing people ❤️

In that year Coletiv and Significa merged. We are now one slightly bigger family.

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112 projects delivered at this point.

13th May 2023, we finally launch our new website. It feels like a miracle!

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We"retreated" together to recharge energies and had a memorable Christmas party 🕺🏻

We finished 2023 with 8 Awards 🏆

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To end the year in style, we designed and created a fully configurable, free for all, Colour Palette Generator 🎨

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Early in 2024 we became a 1% For the Planet certified member! 🌍

Core values.

Expressed in everything.

Empathy and compassion.

We recognise we are all human and that, as such, we are all different. We embrace difference.


Go further together with curiosity and empathy, always.


We are witty by nature. We have fun at work while being extremely professional in what we do.


We foster an environment where reliability and ethical principles are not just appreciated.


We aspire higher. We push ourselves to be better. We push others to be better.


A walk in the park.


“You can throw barely anything at them, I am sure their creative team will make the best out of it.”

Beatriz Barros

Founder of Mishmash

“The design system has become the foundation of everything we have done since we launched the product. We grew from 200 to over 1000 businesses, and we consistently get appreciation from customers for the ease of use of the product.”

Arjun Paul

Founder and CEO at Zoko

“Working with Significa is like working with an in-house team, they really care about the products they work on.”

Alex Hunt

PM at Sinpls

“We can scale for more significant projects and improve our brand thanks to Significa's work.”

Beatriz Tejeiro

Founder of Backercamp

“The team challenged our solution to make sure we are building the best product for our users.”

Wyndham Plumptre

CEO at Cimple

Clients we've worked with

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Drop by for some eggs. At anytime.

Our office is not just a physical space. It is so much more than that – it is what builds our connectedness. A space where we can bounce ideas off each other, support colleagues, catch up on the weekend's activities or play marralhinha at lunch. This sense of togetherness is born and nurtured out of our shared space, the office.

Rua da Torrinha 154

4050–609 Porto, Portugal

(+351) 226 001 751