Did you know our office was a neon factory?

Significa neon entry
Rui Sereno sticker

We love to share food, and, as you can see, we are very healthy. Wink. Wink.


business and operations

Kick back on summer days on our beautiful terrace, equipped with barbecue for those warm summer evenings.

Significa ladies

We enjoy hanging out together, whether that be karting, rock climbing, movie nights, Beer Thursdays or dinners 💕

Climbing activity
Significa dinners
Significa F1 team

Power rangers or F1 drivers?


Tic Tac Toe

Select fighter

Click to grow.

Click to fry.

Click to hatch.


product and project management


Ceramic, wood or 3D? Marralhinhas for every taste.

Significa retreat
Retreat pool
team dinner

Leave your macbook at home, this retreat is purely about relaxation and enjoying each other’s company.

The gold diamond suggests good marralhinha fortune at dusk.

Click to reveal.

In this solitary funky hole, Where vanity quickly fades, The coward force is whole, The valiant courage evades.

Team playing marralhinha
Team playing ping pong

In house arcade for those infamous Porto rainy day lunch breaks, challenge your colleagues on PS5, Xbox or Marallhinha.

Marralhinha sticker
NBA game
San Francisco
Travel lake

We travel to work. But there's no escaping having fun.


Who needs a significant other when coffee's free?

Who needs unlimited soup, fruits, and snacks anyway? Nobody likes soup.

The caged heart indicated Curb will be had next Tuesday.

What does the future behold? Click to find out.

cocktail sticker
chick sticker
flamengo sticker
curb sticker
Elisa sticker
Significa ladies
Esteph sticker

Girl power baby!

Boys having fun
Resendes sticker

Such a beautiful and breathtaking landscape!

It looks like Filipe really put in some hard "work" during our trip to San Francisco. He says he worked hard, but all we've seen was tubbing and snoozing in the airport.

Filipe tacking a nap
Filipe relaxing

I wanted to write something about having fun together. But the designers mostly gave photos of standing-alone people 🤷

Happy Esteph
Significa boys just having fun
Daniel segg

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect, devilish soup.

The starred caged-heart indicates nothing good happens after 2PM.

What does the future behold? Click to reveal.

Here I sit, broken-hearted, Came to poo but only farted. So I stand up, to my surprise, A little nugget before my eye.

You can find great poems on our toilet doors. Get inspired while sh*tting.

Happy people are like unicorns without a horn in their forehead.

Meet the lead characters in @pets-only slack channel.

How cute right?

What defines us.

Be who you are, while making the most out of your career.

If you're looking for a company with a strict hierarchical ladder and where everything is made by the book, you've come to the wrong place. We're not your average, run-of-the-mill corporation. We do have a ladder at the office, but we only use it to change light bulbs and fix things around.


Open positions.

Let's create together.

Team-building event at Significa doing pottery Significa's designer working


Empowering you to do your best work.

Backpack icon
Welcome pack.
Welcome aboard! To get you started, we’ll have you looking the part with Significa hoodie and other bits and bobs.
Watch icon
Flexible hours and location.
We are an office-first team, but you have freedom to come and go as you wish.
Learning icon
Unlimited learning stipend.
We encourage personal growth and will cover the costs of any course or learning opportunities you desire.
Laptop icon
All the equipment you need.
Anything and everything you need to excel in your life at Significa.
Growth icon
Career plan and growth opportunities.
We'll work with you closely to help you reach your growth goals through one-on-ones, group workshops and OKRs.
Retreat icon
Anual company retreat.
Leave your Macbook at home, this annual 3-night retreat is purely about relaxation and enjoying each other's company.
Health icon
Health insurance.
Health always comes first, you shouldn’t ever need to worry about it for you or your kids.
Bus icon
Public transport subsidy.
We encourage green travel, that's why we are proud to reimburse you on your public transport costs.
Heart icon
Corporate Social Responsibility.
We're a proud 1% for the Planet member, meaning your work benefits beyond Significa.
Gym icon
Gym membership.
Healthy body, healthy mind. With a gym across the street from our office, you can make the most of every office day to keep fit and healthy.
Calendar icon
25 vacation days.
That all-important R&R. Your 22 days of choice plus 3 days extra (your birthday, 24 and 31 of December). Our birthday gift to you is time for you.
Baby icon
Baby kit.
If you have a new arrival joining your family, congratulations! We'll help you out with a baby box full of goodies to help welcome your little one to the world.
Referral icon
Referral bonus programme.
Refer a buddy to Significa and if they are hired, you'll receive an immediate bonus of 1000€. If you're both here one year later, you'll get a further 1000€.
Sun icon
1 extra vacation day per year at Significa.
From your second year onwards, you'll get an extra vacation day per annum. Downtime is important. Enjoy more and more time for yourself and your family, up to a maximum of 30 days per year.
Period leave icon
Period leave.
All women at Significa are entitled to 1 day per month for period leave. If you feel unwell, rest up.
Support icon
Support structures.
We've partnered with an organisation to offer 24/7 support to you and your family regarding anything and everything you may need, from legal, fiscal, nutrition and mental health.