Design-led strategies that impact people’s life.

Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around.

The same way tools were invented that allowed farmers to work on an upright position, digital products should have its user as their main concern. They should, somehow, improve people's life by having a good sense of the problem it solves, who is it solving it for and, above all, how it is solved.

Only, there's some peculiarities to digital products. Things can get really complex, really quickly, and a pragmatic, synthetic and clear vision is essential to be able to create something that, after all, is meant to be used. Emotions also have a big role to play and developing clear and beautiful aesthetics is of the utmost importance to create a pleasant environment in which the user actually enjoys the time spent in it. In the end, we're all suckers for beautiful things that just work™

We’re global

We’re global

Solid communication, iteration and prototyping allows us to work alongside clients from all around the world. We have a big office in Porto, Portugal that allows us to host project workshops, brainstorming sessions and work side by side with you and your team. Just like being neighbours, you can drop by for some eggs, anytime. We also travel regularly to do the exact same thing with the added bonus of getting to know new places!

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Life here, in the heart of Porto.

We spend a great deal of our days at work, so why not make it interesting? With a friendly and laid back environment you get all the perks to ensure a creative and productive day. Want to find out more about what's it like working here? Take a look at our careers page.

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An omelette is made of eggs.

Ours has 25.

  • Alec Norton

  • Ana Fernandes

  • André Furtado

  • Caio Arias

  • Catarina Silva

  • Elisa Sampaio

  • Estepheny Abreu

  • Filipe Almeida

  • Francisco Marques

  • Frederico Jesus

  • Guilherme Oliveira

  • João Ribeiro

  • Joaquim Rosa

  • Joel Ferreira

  • Manuel Melo

  • Márcio Pinto

  • Mariana Gomes

  • Michelle Meinert

  • Pedro Brandão

  • Ricardo Reis

  • Rita Café

  • Rui Ferreira

  • Rui Sereno

  • Teresa Vilar Araújo

  • Thomas Gouveia Lopes

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