Relative Educational Performance

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How well did you really do at school? With the belief that everyone should have the same chances, rep. asked us to create a website that allows you to find out how you really performed relative to your classmates.




  • Strategy
  • UI/UX
  • Illustration
  • Development


  • Marketing Page
  • Platform
  • Reporting

Initial Process

At this initial phase of the design process, our ideas are still blooming and require a lot of work. Wireframing serves to establish the relationship between elements, allowing you to decide on the website’s navigation and structure without major consequence.


Illustration Process

For rep. we needed to represent the student reviewing process by the employers. The first step of the illustration process was deciding what needed to be illustrated to deliver this message. We started by sketching the ideas in place so that we could begin to design the characters.


Style & Textures

Once we settled on the character design we started experimenting with color and texture to create a visual language that was unique to rep. First we used colored pencils to create strong textures and then replicated it using Adobe’s Photoshop. With this digital yet manual solution we were getting closer to the ideal result.


Compromise & Decisions

Even though we were happy with the illustration results there was still something missing. So we went back to the drawing board and replaced all the human characters with animals. This way it was easier to represent the diversity of the student world and visually represent the true essence of rep.


Final Illustrations

Used througout the website, the final illustrations are used mainly to help enhance the UX by aiding in delivering the message of each of rep.’s main features.



Fantastic! This list of features are what make rep. truly unique. All the way from a seamless sign up onboarding experience to getting you rep. score turned into a distinctive badge that you will be able to share with employers. It’s as simple as placing it in your CV.


AB Testing — Version A

The version A of our AB Testing for the onboarding section of the rep. website is a more tradtional signup form. The user makes his choices and decides when to advance.


AB Testing — Version B

As the website is aimed at young adults we tried a modern approach to the signup using an interactive chat. for the version B of our AB Testing. It’s a more seamless, fun and creative signup process.


Profile Page

See where you stand by comparing each of your rep. scores with the average. Your rep. score will be delivered to you as a badge that you can share with employers.


The Final Result

The full website in all it’s glory. Want to see for yourself? We are proud to say that is now live!


Online Introspective Journey

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