Referral Program

Significa is always looking for good and talented individuals, and that's where you come in. If you know someone who would fit just right on our team and has some amazing superpowers, don't keep it to yourself. Refer that person to us, and you can apply for our hiring referral bonus. Here's the deal:

If we hire your referral, we'll gift you 1000€, and if that referral is still working at Significa 1 year after their hiring, you'll receive a 1000€ bonus.

How do I qualify for the bonus, you ask?

  1. Have your friends (or anybody you know, really) apply to an Open Position;

  2. Make sure they refer they came through you in the application form submission;

  3. In case we fancy the person, and we actually hire them, you're entitled to the bonus. Simple.

  4. If the person goes on to stay at Significa for 1 year, you'll receive another 1000€ bonus when they reach their first Significa anniversary.

What if's...

  • What if I recommend someone who does not qualify for an Open Position? As in, Significa is looking for a Senior-level, but I refer a lower-level person?
    If the person gets hired, you still qualify for the bonus.

  • What if I refer multiple people and Significa hires multiple people?
    You get the bonus times the number of people we hire.

  • What if my friend applies spontaneously for a non-open Position?
    If the person gets hired, you still qualify for the bonus.

  • Do my back-dated referrals apply?

  • What if the referred employee leaves before one year?
    You’ll receive the 1000€ referral bonus, but not the second 1000€.

  • I leave before the referred hire passes one year at Significa?
    You’ll receive the 1000€ referral bonus, but not the second 1000€.

The important stuff…

Please keep in mind that our hiring decision will be based on finding the best fit for Significa, not solely because they were referred by you.

Significa is an equal opportunities employer. We love good people and we hate discrimination of any form, it’s really that simple. Good people - or good eggs - are from everywhere, they look very different from one another, they believe in different religions, they love freely and come in many different shapes and sizes, each with their own challenges, be it physical or mental; we celebrate good people. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity of working for Significa. So apply as you - be you, the real you - because that’s who we want to hire, share our eggs with, tackle issues with and build awesome things with. If you’re a good person and you fit the job description then that’s all that matters to us.