Mission and Values


To design and build digital products with a people-centric purpose that creates long-lasting positive value for the world.

How we achieve our Mission

Design as a strategy for problem-solving is rooted in empathy. One’s hunger to be questioned, to learn from others, and to put oneself in someone else’s shoes – either a team member’s, a client’s, or a user’s – will dictate the dedication and the desire to build better products that can improve and empower their world. The only chance to actually makes someone’s life better is to understand what they need, otherwise, our chances are much thinner. We do this through a Design-led approach, focussing our energy on asking why, how and for whom we should build things - understanding the human value that we can bring to an end user’s experience.


Being Significa means we care about enriching the experience of our people, our clients, our community, and our planet. Our values:

  • People first
    Be your real, authentic self. Grow, challenge, fail and succeed, be yourself.

  • Teamwork
    Go further together with curiosity and empathy, always.

  • Aspire higher
    Always aim for perfection, even though you will never reach it.


No project succeeds or fails by the work of one person, we are a team and go through successes and failures together. This sense of togetherness is born and nurtured in our shared office space. Our office-first approach is to maintain our connectedness, a space where we can bounce ideas off each other, support colleagues or catch up on the weekend's activities and play marralhinha at lunch.

We enjoy each other's company, and being someone others would like to be around is the main reason we hired you – because people make a difference in other people's lives – it’s also one of your greatest talents. We spend a lot of our existence at work, so we should enjoy who we spend that time around.

We enjoy sun-filled evenings in the summer with a cold beer and a barbecue on the terrace, and we go out on social events throughout the year, together. In winter, we enjoy movie nights, and whatever else you, the team, think would be a great bonding idea. Because Significa is yours too – keep on bringing awesome ideas to the fore and let’s make them happen. These events and interactions between each other are important because knowing each other and who we are is what helps us to be a great team, and ultimately helps us to build incredible products. Keeping you, the team, at the centre of Significa is why we consider ourselves people-centric, we are not pixel pushers or code monkeys - we are a team of talented, inclusive and open people determined to do incredible things, together - and have some fun along the way.