Design Challenge

A challenge for the soon to be Designers at Significa. We hope! You hope!

This is the Significa Interface Design challenge.

This challenge assesses the Designer's skill before, during, or after our recruitment process. Your CV and Portfolio are amazing, but to a certain degree, they are biased. They may over-represent you or under-represent you, depending on where you come from.

We know client work or work under other people's direction may detract the results from what you're actually capable of. We want to give you a fair, unbiased, free environment so you can put out the best of yourself. Easy as that.

The challenge consists of a very straightforward brief, really!


Well, ever heard of IMDB? That's that. But trimmed to the core.

We expect you to create a lighter-weight version of it using the so-called best Interface Design practices and patterns.

It must look pleasing too.

The scope.

Well, unlike IMDB, the scope is a fairly simple one, and by looking at the list below, you realise how straightforward it is. It goes like this:

  1. Homepage:

    1. List out the movies.

    2. Search the movies.

  2. Search result:

    1. List the searched movies.

  3. Movie details:

    1. Present valuable, clear information about the aforementioned movies.

Now, part of this challenge lies in what you accomplish with such limited information. Whatever you do with it and how you decide to go about it are yours to decide. Both which, why, and how to present the data are for you to determine.

The devil is in the details, though, and its complexity may vary depending on your expertise and how in-depth you are willing to go. Weird! We know. But the better the Designer, the more time-consuming this challenge may be.

In a nutshell, we want to give you room to think. We want it shining, but we want it thoughtful too.

Evaluation criteria.

As you'd probably expect, we will primarily privilege how you manoeuvre the balance between looking nice and being useable. That's the excitement of any project, isn't it?

Here's what we'll be looking at:

  • The visuals: whether it looks good and balanced.

  • Typography: how much you care about typography and how well you work with it.

  • Spacing: how you handle and manage the white space.

  • Information Architecture: how you manage the visual hierarchy of the various elements.

  • Usability: how you apply fundamental rules of usability and UX standards.

  • Creativity: how innovative and original your solution is.

  • Coherence: whether it looks like part of the same system.

  • Attention to detail: buzzwords, we know! But yeah, we really care about it.

Your process!

Should you wireframe? Why not? Should you go straight into the Look and Fiel? Who knows? Should you design icons, create illustrations, set up a Design Library, or use Design Tokens? 🤷‍♀️

Just don't spend a lot of time on this. We appreciate you for applying, taking the time simply to read this, and eventually accepting the challenge, but we are sure you've got more exciting things to do. Like coming over and having a beer with us.

Regardless of your options, just share whatever you do with us. Keen to try different visual approaches? Share. The process is often more valuable than the outcome. To us, at least!

The deliverable(s).

We expect no less than a desktop clickable prototype. We prefer Figma, but you can choose whatever tool you are more comfortable with. You won't be judged by it. Or maybe we will. If you choose Adobe XD. Or any Adobe software in general, really 😂

As overly repeated above (sorry about that), you can share things beyond the prototype itself. If you have the time. And the patience.

When done, share along.

Email us your challenge submission to

If you have complementary notes, comments, and decision-making reasoning about your challenge, please do so in your submission email.

Break a leg!