Senior Project or Product Manager

Are you a Senior Project or Product Manager?

Nice! Because we are looking for an amazing one (or two) to work alongside our Design and Development team.

Hereon, we'll refer to "Project & Product" as "P&P" for short. We can't be bothered typing "Project and Product" every single damn time.

This is an on-site-first position.

We are an office-first, but remote-friendly company. In other words, we will favour those applicants who can (and want) to be in the office with us more often, even though we're cool if you want to work from home every once in a while. To leave no room for interpretation: if you're looking for a fully remote job, this is not the job for you.

The role.

As a Senior P&P Manager, you will play an absolutely crucial role in any of our projects. You will be the primary point of contact with any client – you will manage their beloved product, you will manage their expectations, you will manage their timeline, and you will manage their budget.

On top of keeping clients happy, there's a team's sanity to preserve. And this is when the hard bit starts: to balance both ends of a project with dexterity. As a Senior P&P Manager, you must be able to juggle these things around while riding the unicycle with a blindfold on. We're joking! But that would be amazing, though.

All this to say, you will be responsible for leading our projects, collaborating with clients, and ensuring the alignment of scope and budget, always with a strategic mindset, driving innovation, pushing boundaries, managing resources effectively, and delivering high-quality results.

Technical requirements.

  • Past and proven work experience as a P&P Manager.

  • Past and proven experience in executing comprehensive project plans, including defining project scope, goals, and deliverables.

  • Past and proven experience in leading project teams, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring all team members understand their tasks and responsibilities.

  • Past and proven experience in establishing project timelines, milestones, and budgets. The same applies to monitoring progress throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Ability to anticipate project risks proactively.

  • Proven experience in defining a product vision, strategy, and roadmap.

  • Past experience in conducting product workshops.

  • Past and proven experience in gathering and prioritising product requirements.

Social requirements.

  • Fluent (preferably native) in English, both spoken and written.

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills – articulate, persuasive and influential verbal communication is needed.

  • Well-spoken and confident in talking to people.

Other things we value.

  • Be tech-savvy.

  • Familiar with the Tech industry, its terminology, and different details of Design and Software Development.

  • Computer science and/or software engineering background is a big, Big, BIG plus.

  • Your fit with our "Maximum freedom, maximum responsibility" motto.

Benefits & Perks.

Benefits illustration

We're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.

We don't approve of the Godfather's unorthodox methods, but we do have some pretty cool things to offer.

Oh, we almost forgot, the salary range for this role is between 30 000€ and 44 999€.

What to expect.

  • Expect a fast-paced, highly iterative environment.

  • Expect to communicate regularly with clients, take part in clients' workshops, and be able to provide effort estimates.

  • Expect to help less experienced team members.

  • Expect to communicate primarily in English. Both written and spoken.

The recruitment process.

  1. First, you apply using the form below.

  2. If your CV looks interesting, we will schedule an initial call to evaluate your fluency in English and overall fit (around 15 minutes).

  3. If we think you might be a good fit, we will schedule to meet and address your technical skills and experience (around 60 minutes).

  4. Nearly there! If you blow us away in the 2nd round, we'll have a last meeting to learn how you like your eggs.

Sounds good?

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