Mid-level Front-End Developer

Are you a Mid-level Front-End developer?

Good! You're in the right place then! This job opening is for you: we're looking for a great Front-End Developer to work alongside our Design and Development teams.

Is this the first time you hear about us? Here's our Playbook to get you acquainted: Significa Playbook.

The Role

A Front-End Developer Developer is expected to be a experienced folk. Somebody who can translate Design to exemplary good-looking Interfaces, putting together good code, quite consistently. It is expected to be an individual who can guide less experienced team members and cope with a fast-moving start-up mindset like ours.

As a Design-led company, we expect our Front-End Developers to have a keen eye for Design. We'll prefer those applicants who noticeably have a nurture for detail and care about good design.

Job requirements and responsibilities

  • At least four (2) years of experience in Front-End Development;
  • Excellent HTML, CSS and JavaScript Developer;
  • Proficient ReactJS Developer;
  • Contribute to the creation of Frameworks for internal use and public availability;
  • Be interested in learning architecture patterns and experiment with new concepts;
  • Have the ability and be proactive in the search, experimentation and application of new, trending technologies;
  • Dominate version-controlling technologies, such as Git;
  • Be able to deploy cross-platform products;
  • Be keen to author Open Source materials to the GitHub community;
  • Be able to create all-around thought Component-Based Libraries;
  • Translate mock-ups into fully functioning websites and complex products;
  • Be curious about writing modular and well-tested Front-End code;
  • Be a participant in our open-minded, multi-cultural and collaborative culture.
  • Be able to provide technical guidance to less experienced developers;
  • Thirsty to continuously learn and develop new skills;
  • Fluent English communication skills are mandatory, both written and spoken;
  • Being a Designer is a massive plus.

Salary and Perks

  • Base, 14-months salary, around 30.000€ yearly;
  • Flexible hours & location;
  • Unlimited learning stipend;
  • All equipment you need;
  • Career plan and growth opportunities;
  • Daily Food Allowance;
  • Annual company retreat;
  • In-house Arcade;
  • Health Insurance;
  • Public transport subsidy;
  • Gym subscription;
  • 25 vacation days (22+ your birthday, 24 & 31 Dec);
  • 1 extra vacation day per year at Significa (from year 2 onwards).

What to expect

  • Expect a fast-paced, highly iterative environment;
  • Expect to communicate regularly with clients, taking part in clients workshops, and being able to provide effort estimates;
  • Expect to help less experienced team members.

Next steps

Our hiring process is relatively lean. It consists of 5 simple steps: 

  1. If you're a Front-End Developer, apply using the form below; 
    Else, there may be future opportunities for you; 
  2. If we like your CV, we have an initial call to evaluate your fluency in English and overall fit; 
    Else, maybe next time;
  3. If you're fluent in English, we schedule a second call, a technical one this time around; 
    Else, you will struggle to communicate with our team;
  4. For each successful technical conversation, we will schedule a selective third call, to analyse social skills and iron out some details.
  5. We'll make a decision;

Thank you in advance.

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