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10 Essencial Sketch plugins

From one Sketch aficionado to another Sketch aficionado, a bunch of life-changing plugins.

Mário RodriguesDesigner

Being the Sketch *aficionados* we are here at Significa we could help but share a handful of plugins that we truly hope will help you as much as they help us on our day-to-day scramble.

We all have different preferences when it comes to Sketch plugins. There are loads of them out there and some of those are real lifesavers which help us improve our workflow on a daily basis. On our end, we use a lot of them and we'll be listing the most commonly used amongst our Team, maybe you know them already or maybe they'll become your new lifesaving kit!

Sketch Runner

The Runner is hands-down the first plugin we get installed and is definitely the one we use more often. It is a spotlight for Sketch! With it, you're able to search through all Sketch's toolbar actions as well as search, install and manage other plugins in a blink of an eye.

Bye-bye going up and down on dropdown menus! 🎉

InVision's Craft

InVision craft is a very versatile plugin, particularly if you use InVision to create prototypes.

On the first instance, it marks the end of the Lorem Ipsum era! It allows you to quickly and easily populate all your content with mock data, from names, emails, addresses, all the way to headlines, articles and images.

Furthermore, it becomes especially convenient when it comes down to creating (or updating) clickable Invision prototypes: it allows you to do so without leaving your Sketch workspace. Simply create your hotspots and when you're done just sync with Invision.

Ta-da! Your brand new prototype is ready to rock!


Everyone knows the massive workload it takes to align, distribute and space-out elements one by one in Sketch. With distributor all you need to do is select all those elements, determine their vertical or horizontal spacing either between their edges or centres and you're all set.

Find and Replace

Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight with Find and Replace. ✈️

This is like any Find and Replace functionality but made for Sketch. It allows you to replace the text in multiple places, at once.

Rename it

Is your sketch file getting messy with all those default named layers? Is it getting confusing? Are you losing track of layers already? Yes? 🤭 You are doomed, we feel you!

For the sake of your mental sanity, get this plugin up and running already.

We'll do you a favour and we'll make a short intermission on this article. Go and install Rename it...



Installed? Cool! We've just made your life better!

Not only it allows you to rename layers and artboards, but also to batch-rename them as well! All of them! At the same effin time!

Select Similar Layers

There are loads of layers in your Sketch file. Some of them are the same element. Ever dreamed of changing them all simultaneously without selecting each layer individually?

We used to dream about it too but then we found Select Similar Layers!

It works with fill colour (including gradients, images and patterns), border colour, border thickness, font, opacity and blending mode.

Sketch Mate

Mate, this is a collection of scripts that will make your life more relaxing and save you the money you've been spending at yoga classes – or on Calm!

These are the ones we find more zen:

Replace Layer

Replace Layer allows you to replace a layer, or more, at the same time.

Essentially, select the layer that is meant to be replaced and run the plugin (⌘cmd + ⌃control + R). The first is gone, replaced by you clipboard.

Smart Align

Simply align layers using the keyboard instead of using the mouse. Select the layers that are meant to be aligned and run the plugin shortcut.


Sketch Palettes

Got a dope set of colours you've always wanted to use but never had a chance to? With Sketch Palettes you can swiftly save, export and import fill presets. It supports colours, gradients, and Pattern fills. 🎨

Symbol Organizer

We all love sketch symbols. Symbols are great! Be like Symbols!

Anyway, they are a great feature and they are really helpful, but as you keep creating new ones, they start popping randomly at the Symbols page!

As organisational freaks, it bugs us big time. Thankfully, we found Symbol Organizer!

This heavenly plugin, helps you organize Symbols at the Symbols' page into alphabetical groups determined by the symbol's name. Marie Kondo would be proud!

Random Size

Did you ever have to build a bar chart? If you did, you know how hard it is to manually create all those bars and resize them, in order for them to become a nice flowing chart. With Random Size such pain will be gone! Kaput!

As the name ints, it allows you to randomly resize layers by simply creating a set of rectangles, running the plugin and watch the magic happening. 🐰🎩

Sidenote here, we are not sponsored, neither have we developed any of these plugins. Anyhow, thank you to all the caring souls who made these plugins for free. 🙏

On a finishing note, we truly hope this list will help you as much as it helps us in our daily tasks.

Also, we'll try to keep this list updated, so keep an eye out! 👌


Mário Rodrigues

Designer @ Significa

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